Łukasz Kruczek for SkokiPolska: On Kamil Stoch’s wonderful ability of ski-flying in Kuopio

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Kamil Stoch celebrated sixth win in the World Cup in his career. Also Piotr Żyła and Dawid Kubacki scored today. Unfortunately, Krzysztof Miętus, Stefan Hula and (quite unexpectedly) Maciej Kot performed poorly in today’s competition. Head Coach of the Polish team, Łukasz Kruczek commented on the performance of the Polish team and today’s conditions on Puijo-Hill in Kuopio.


SkokiPolska: What was it in these two jumps of Kamil Stoch that gave him this significant win?

Łukasz Kruczek: It was his wonderful ability of ski-flying and most of all this first, amazing jump, which in some way was decisive for the course of the competition.


SP: Kamil’s advantage over the other athletes in this competition was quite big. Is he ahead of the other ski jumpers at this point of the season?

Ł.K.: It was all similar to the World championship competition – good day, good luck and good jumps.


SP: Conditions today were not easy ones, did they have a relevant influence on the results and jumps of the athletes?

Ł.K.: At some points it was really difficult today, moreover in the first round the distance along the in-run was too long. The jumping-hill here is small and it was really quite risky. Nonetheless, as for such „crazy” weather the athletes jumped in quite similar conditions. Although, as I mentioned before, it all was changing very fast and it was quite stressful.


SP: Another good performance of Piotrek, however, again – his first jump was worse, whereas second jump was better, what can be the cause of it?

Ł.K.: Paradoxical as it may seem, his first jump was much better than the second one, however, the conditions at the bottom of the hill were a little bit too weak to jump further.


SP.: Next points for Dawid, but doesn’t he still lack stability?

Ł.K.: Dawid was too passive in his second jump, what, given the conditions we had on the hill today (front wind during his jumps) slowed him down and shortened his jump.


SP: Is Maciek’s performance the matter of this hill, which he doesn’t like, or is it something else?

Ł.K.: He might not like the hill, but his jump in the competition was normal. Macek, Kofler and Wellinger were unlucky today The conditions were very difficult for 5 minutes, the jumpers were being literally pulled down to the knoll. It’s a pity, because there was a chance for further good points for Maciek today.


interviewer: Bartosz Leja / translated by Marta Kalinowska






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