Łukasz Kruczek for SkokiPolska: „When there are such competitions, the season could never end”

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Kamil Stoch doesn’t slow down – he earned his second win in a row. Other 4 Polish jumpers – Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Maciej Kot and Stefan Hula – also scored World Cup points in Trondheim. „We have to concentrate not on the results but on the quality of jumps. Results come with good jumps. I think that the Polish team is currently one of the best ones in the World” – said the Head Coach of the Polish team, Łukasz Kruczek.


Kamil Stoch was third after the first round, however in the final round he showed an impressive jump on 140 m and outclassed his rivals. „The first jump was a little bit late at the take-off, whereas the second one was the one we would like to see as often as possible. It was just perfect” – said the Polish Coach.

After his win in the qualification round Piotr Żyła came in ninth today. We can wonder if the jumper from Wisła finally achieves a podium result. „He can still do it. He has a great potential, but he still misses few details, however, he can surprise us” – continued Łukasz Kruczek.

Dawid Kubacki, who jumped in Trondheim much better than in Kuopio, came in seventeenth today. „The jumping-hill itself doesn’t have anything to do with it. His jumps, especially the second one, were good today” – commented Łukasz Kruczek.

With such a good shape of Polish ski jumpers in the second part of this season we can only regret that it’s all slowly coming to an end. For the fans of ski jumping the season could last much longer. „Every year it’s the same, on the one hand it’s good that the season is ending, but on the other, well, when we have such competitions like the one today, then we want more. For us the season could never end. We would only need some breaks in between to take some rest at home” – ended Łukasz Kruczek.

interviewer: Bartosz Leja / translated by Marta Kalinowska






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