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Yesterday the whole world of skijumping was impressed by the 16-year-old Canadian – Alexandra Pretorius, winner of the Summer Grand Prix in Courchevel. A fact that it was only the sixth appearance of the young ski jumper in the FIS competition and her debut in the SGP makes the magnitude of this victory even more significant.. After her triumph on the Le Praz Hill (HS 96) we asked Alexandra a few questions:

SkokiPolska: How do you feel after the victory in such a prestigious competition like Summer Grand Prix?

Alexandra Pretorius: I’m still a bit in shock, really . I’m just so happy to have had this opportunity to compete here against such great ski jumpers. It was a very exciting and close competition and I am pretty happy with my performance.

SkokiPolska: What thoughts did you have after the first round and before the last jump? Was it pressure or rather calmness?

Alexandra Pretorius: After first round I was pretty confident in my jumping. I had been having some good jumps in the past few weeks. At the top I was just trying to have fun, not worrying about anything that would make me nervous. Honestly, I was a bit nervous when it came to my jump as the athletes ahead of me were all having really far and good jumps. I didn’t feel any pressure though, just excitement.

SkokiPolska: What expactations do you have for next days, next competitions in SGP as a very young ski jumper? Will you rather concentrate on your results, or just enjoy the juming?

Alexandra Pretorius: I don’t really have big expectations at this moment,I am just hoping that I will do well in Hinterzarten too. I’m just trying to enjoy this experience as much as possible, my jump performance is a good added bonus!

Alexandra Pretorius performances in the FIS competitions:

Race date    Place (hill)    Category    Position
15.08.2012 r.    Courchevel (HS 96)    LGP (SGP) ind.    1
14.08.2012 r.    Courchevel (HS 96)    LGP (SGP) – mix team 13
15.07.2012 r.    Villach (HS 98)    FIS Cup – ind. 2
14.07.2012 r.    Villach (HS 98)    FIS Cup – ind. 3
03.01.2012 r.    Canada Olympic Park (HS 95)    FIS Race – ind. 8
01.01.2012 r.    Canada Olympic Park (HS 95)    FIS Race – ind. 7







interviewer: Bartosz Leja / edited by Marta Kalinowska






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